2018 Ideas

This year, we are planning to bring 32 Study Bibles and 50 New Testament Bibles to the area we minister in. Because of this, we are asking for people to sponsor Bibles that will have letter written to the person receiving one from the sponsor.  Also, a new edition to this year is we are planning on doing a VBS and an adult Bible study in Rootsville with their new Bibles. Since last year we had a last minute worship and hair-braiding session in Rootsville, we decided to step it up a notch this year.  Since last year we preformed at the biggest Belize amphitheater at BTL Park in Belize City with the youth group, we started to plan skits and dances to do when we get there we the youth group. This year is going to be amazing! We are so excited to work in tandem with the youth group as well as the missionaries during our exciting 9 days in March!

2017 Ideas

This year, we are planning on doing dance ministry with the youth group and help in their outreach programs. Also, we are going to continue bringing food to the Rootsville area and building the relationships there and also going to the orphanages to love on the kids there.