Why Belize?

Belize is an English-speaking country that is often forgot about by most of the world due to its size and unique qualities. Being less than Massachusetts in size, Belize is known mostly for it’s beautiful marine life and coast in the Caribbean. Even though it is a beautiful country, Belize struggles with poverty, violence, broken families, and most importantly their spiritual walks. Just like in America, a lot of people claim to be Christians but in reality don’t know Jesus at all. We hope that by showing the people who we come into contact with the love of Jesus, that they will learn how to overcome their circumstances through trusting Him.



Organization We Go Through:

Praying Pelican Missions ( http://prayingpelicanmissions.org)

  • PPM connects us with the church and missionaries in Belize that we work with. Also, they tell us the needs in the communities that we serve in

Where in Belize?

Most of the time, we are in Belize City, Belize ministering at King’s Park Nazarene Church and work in the Rootsville area. Rootsville is a squatter area that has many refugees living in the area, and the area itself has a swampy climate and floods often. At least once while we’re in Belize, we go to the Nazarene High School and Buttonwood Bay Primary School where we speak, teach, and sing with the kids there. Belize City has a vibrant Caribbean culture and the people are always super welcoming and receptive. We love the people there so much and love connecting with them!

What We Do in Belize:

  • Home Visits- visit people in Rootsville and Franks Eddy where we ask for prayer requests and/or deliver food
  • Go to Schools- play games, sing songs, make crafts, give testimonies, etc at the elementary/middle school and high school
  • Orphanage(s)- play games, talk to, buy snow cones, and laugh with the kids at a government-runned and a privately owned orphanage. Ages vary
  • Working with the Youth Group- we worship alongside and minister with and to the youth group at King’s Park Nazarene Church. We participate in their dance ministry and do ministry with kids that age from 12-22. We have become super close with them!

Here’s Our Trip Journal From Past Years:  

(2015 is not updated)




Missionaries We Work With:114

Herman  and Marion Blease


These guys have such big hearts and we love every moment with them! Both of them love to sing and can play a variety of instruments. Also, Herman and Marion have their own worship ministry on the side called “Live to Worship Ministries”, and are the youth leaders at Kings Park Nazarene Church. They are amazing and have such big hearts for the communities they serve in. Not only are they there to guide us, but they love what they do. We can’t wait to reunite with our Belizean family!

Next Trip:

March 16- 24, 2019 (Saturday-Sunday, Knox County Spring Break).

Cost: $1928.86

This includes airfare, hotel, food, and transportation. This does not include spending money or any personal expenses before the trip.

Contact us if you are interested in coming!